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10-20% of children and 2-5% of adults are afflicted with atopic dermatitis

Our solution provides a beneficial inflammatory modulation and reduction of itch

TIRmed Pharma´s technology that have emerged after several years of research, are immunomodulators that interact on cell surfaces leading to inhibition of uptake of pro-inflammatory  agents into specific endosomal compartments that activate the innate immune responses. That leads to a beneficial decrease of pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion.

TIRmed Pharma´s immunomodulators selectively inhibits certain toll-like receptors while leaving other parts of the immune system intact. The immunomodulators act early in the cascade by blocking endosomal uptake of pro-inflammatory agents to dendritic cells and inhibit degranulation of mast cells.

Proof-of-concept studies in monkeys showed anti-inflammatory effects locally in skin and inhibition of itch in mice. The approach represents a novel method to modulate immune responses and ameliorate itch.

Our project

Our primary focus is a novel topical treatment against Atopic Dermatitis

A topical anti-itch formulation, suitable for pediatric as well as adult use

TIRmed Pharma´s product candidate is a chemically stabilized, single-stranded oligonucleotide, which has non-coding and non-complementary sequence. The compound is formulated in a cream aiming for a self-applied and easy to use at-home anti-itch treatment. The product through its mode-of-action, which saves vital immune defenses and has anti-itch effects, would have potential for safe and effective treatment of mild to moderate atopic dermatitis.

Atopic dermatitis is associated with a disrupted skin barrier facilitating entry of external allergens and compounds for treatment. Topical delivery to the skin limits systemic adverse events. TIRmed´s cream is intended for early mild-moderate symptoms to limit the use of biologicals.

Currently an unmet need for topical treatments of mild to moderate symptoms

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a common, chronic eczema disease with fluctuating severity. The decline in quality of life is comparable to insulin-dependent diabetes in affected families due to intense itching accompanied with sleep disruption and mood disorders. The scratches and disrupted skin barrier leads to secondary infections that requires antibiotic treatments.

The target customer is individuals with mild- to moderate AD. AD is a worldwide issue, affecting 10-20% of children and 2-5% of adults globally. Over the past three decades, the prevalence of atopic dermatitis has tripled in developed nations. More notably, the prevalence of AD in northern Europe is estimated to be up to 25% of the population and 31.6 million people (10.1%) in the U.S. have some form of eczema. There is a large unmet need to develop new medications for patients that do not respond to the current anti-itch medication or topical steroids. The current market landscape is boosted by the new biologicals that will be reserved for the moderate-severe cases.

TIRmed Pharma´s product is acting via a novel mechanism originating from the discovery of Anna-Lena Spetz research team currently under review for publication. TIRmed Pharma´s compound is currently in pre-clinical development and intended for patients not controlled by corticosteroids.

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