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Board of directors

We bring a dedicated operational team, supported by a group of key specialist advisors

Board of directors

Assoc. Prof. Jan-Erik Nyström


Jan-Erik has 20+ years of experience from Astra Zeneca in several leading position. His expertise includes drug discovery and projects. Expert in intellectual property both as inventor and as chairman of a company patent committee.

Prof. Anna-Lena Spetz

Board member

Anna-Lena has 25+ years in immunology research, With previous experiences from Karolinska Institutet, Institut Pasteur, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School. Previous SME experiences as a project leader, co-founder and board member in Avaris AB (2001-2012)

Mona Wilcke, PhD

Board member

Mona is CEO of SU Holding and has a scientific background in Biochemistry and Immunology. Previous experiences in leadership positions in SMEs since 1985. Engagement in investment management and business development of SMEs since 2007.

Stina Wallmark

Board member

Stina is investment manager at Almi Invest and has 15 years experience in in the global Life Sciences and Healthcare industry focusing on business development in internal start-up ventures. Academic background in molecular biotechnology.

John Moll

Board member

John is a former entrepreneur, having successfully founded and sold 2 of his companies. Experienced life science investor with an academic background in medical chemistry. Represents an investor team with a collective 100+ investments.

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