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Developing novel oligonucleotide treatments

What we do

Our primary project is a next generation topical treatment of eczema (atopic dermatitis) for mild to moderate symptoms

Reduces itch and regenerates tissue

Activation of IL-10 and onset of cells to target area both reduces sensations of itch and supports the regeneration of the damaged tissue, thus reversing the vicious cycle of itching and worsening AD symptoms.

Intermittent effect

Does not depress the immune system, but insteads acts through temporarily inhibiting mast cell degranulation, dendritic cell activation, in addition to stimulating IL-10 production. Hence, the immune system is directed towards immune regulation and not blunt immunesupression. This allows for continued symptom inhibition beyond the treatment period.

​Non-invasive and easy application

Administered topically via a water based cream. Can easily be administered by the patients themselves

Leo Holmgren

Former consultant at BCG. Strategy specialist, with experiences as advisor for multiple pharma deals and large strategic projects. Previously engaged in raising capital in SME settings. Masters from London Business School.

CSO, Founder
Prof. Anna-Lena Spetz

25+ years in immunology research, With previous experiences from Karolinska Institutet, Institut Pasteur, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School. Previous SME experiences as a project leader, co-founder and board member in Avaris AB (2001-2012)


Prof. Anna-Lena Spetz

Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

There is a large unmet need for effective, non-steroid topical treatments for patients suffering from mild-moderate eczema, especially for children and young adults. TIRmed´s immunoregulatory cream has the potential to fill this gap

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