Who are we?

We bring a dedicated operational team, supported by a group of key specialist advisors.

Leo Holmgren

Former consultant at BCG. Strategy specialist, with experiences as advisor for multiple pharma deals and large strategic projects. Previously engaged in raising capital in SME settings. Masters from London Business School.

Prof. Anna-Lena Spetz
CSO, Founder

25+ years in immunology research, With previous experiences from Karolinska Institutet, Institut Pasteur, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School. Previous SME experiences as a project leader, co-founder and board member in Avaris AB (2001-2012)

Scientific advisors

We have a network of dedicated scientific advisors. Their purpose is to support TIRmed Pharma with specialist knowledge that further our pre-clinical and clinical studies

Assoc. Prof. Mohammad Alimohammadi

Medical advisor

Provides clinical expertise and is engaged in strategic design of clinical trials, risk management and pharmocovigilance.

Nicolaas Schipper, PhD

CMC advisor

Head of manufacture at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and leads their GMP production facilities in Södertälje. His expertise is in pharmaceutical development from early preclinic to marketed drug formulations and life cycle management. He has a PhD in pharmaceutics and (co) authored numerous articles and patents within the field of drug formulation, drug delivery, and drug absorption.

Anders Carlsson, PhD

Formulation development

20+ years experience in formulations of complex compounds. Specialist in pharmaceutical development of topical, oral and parenteral formulations.

Pirkko Tamsen, PhD

Growth development

30+ years experience within life science, with multiple leadership positions of pharma SMEs as well as CROs. Experiences from large pharma such as Astra.

Anders Neil, PhD

Regulatory advisor

30 years experience in leading scientific roles within bioscience. Specialist regulatory knowledge in pharmacology, toxicology and drug development.