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Our board brings key expertise from a collective of 100+ years of experience in the industry Board of directors

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Assoc. Prof. Jan-Erik Nyström


Jan-Erik has 20+ years of experience from Astra Zeneca in several leading position. His expertise includes drug discovery and projects. Expert in intellectual property both as inventor and as chairman of a company patent committee.


Prof. Anna-Lena Spetz

Board member

Anna-Lena has 25+ years in immunology research, With previous experiences from Karolinska Institutet, Institut Pasteur, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School. Previous SME experiences as a project leader, co-founder and board member in Avaris AB (2001-2012)

mona wilcke (2)

Mona Wilcke, PhD

Board member

Mona is CEO of SU Holding and has a scientific background in Biochemistry and Immunology. Previous experiences in leadership positions in SMEs since 1985. Engagement in investment management and business development of SMEs since 2007.

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Maria Tell

Board member

Maria is investment manager at Almi Invest and has 10+ years experience in leadership and board positions in life science SMEs. Deep experience in growth development strategies. Academic background in molecular biology.

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John Moll

Board member

John is a former entrepreneur, having successfully founded and sold 2 of his companies. Experienced life science investor with an academic background in medical chemistry. Represents an investor team with a collective 100+ investments.