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TIRmed Pharma raises 5.4 MSEK in equity for pre-clinical development

Eczema is a common disease affecting up to 20% of children and approximately 3% of adults, with a drugs market estimated up to 75 BSEK worldwide. The intense itch associated with the condition can lead to sleeping disorders, anxiety and depression. There is no cure as of today. The current treatments can ameliorate the symptoms. TIRmed is developing a cream and its active component is modulating the immune system via a new mode of action.

“There is a large unmet need of effective, non-steroid topical treatment for patients suffering from mild-moderate eczema, especially for children and young adults. TIRmed´s immunoregulatory cream has the potential to fill this gap”, says Anna-Lena Spetz, CEO of TIRmed Pharma.

TIRmed´s researchers have discovered antiviral activities in their compounds. TIRmed is developing a nasal spray for treatment of respiratory tract infections such as RSV, influenza and Covid-19. Anna-Lena Spetz research team is coordinating an EU project to develop broad-spectrum antiviral treatments including SARS-CoV2. There is a huge unmet need to develop antiviral therapies effective against several viral families to prepare against future outbreaks that threaten to become pandemics.

“The new funding will enable us to conduct key studies in our two preclinical programs and prepare for clinical studies”, says Anna-Lena Spetz.

TIRmed Pharma was founded in 2018 following the discovery of the now patented compounds. The active molecule and mechanism of action stems from over 10 years of research conducted in Professor Anna-Lena Spetz’ research group at Stockholm University, founder of TIRmed Pharma.

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